In the news

* An interview with Claire Conceison by Robin Young was aired on NPR’s “Here and Now” on February 17, 2009.  To hear the 9-minute piece, click here, then scroll down to fifth story (“From Mao’s Prison to Playing Willy Loman”) and click on “Listen.”

* A multi-media piece by Tufts Journal, including a slide show of images accompanied by audio interview segments with Claire Conceison, can be viewed by clicking here.

* VOICES CARRY was included in Jan Gardner’s ‘Bookshelf’ section in The Boston Globe on February 15, 2009.   Click here to view.

* A list of “top ten things you probably don’t know about Ying Ruocheng” on The Chinabeat Blogspot can be viewed by clicking here.

* An article from The Sino-American Times (in Chinese) published on January 9, 2009 and posted on the Sinovision website can be viewed by clicking here.